Saturday, June 28, 2008

Say Yes to Michigan

Off to Holland, MI for a couple of days. See you all when i get back.

Please consult my local tap list while i am gone for i will surely be out of the loop.


Amanda said...

Hey Joel!

I found you quite accidentally through Bryan Kolesar's Brew Lounge "blog" whom I had the pleasure to meet tonight in PGH! No hard feelings at all but I definitely want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your success with New Holland!

Great looking blog! Too bad Philly sucks :P

Look me up if you're ever selling in the PGH area!

-Amanda B.

Dr Joel said...

HA! Amanda B, lucky for you i don't get into sports cities debates, although if Pittsburgh had a basketball team i'm sure my Sixers would make light work of them.

Congrats on having your city get all the cool Philly beer and schwag, i hope you guys weren't too hard on Bryan.

I will definitely be in the PGH and will definitely have great beer in tow. I'll look you up when i head to your neighborhood.

Thanks for touching down.