Monday, June 23, 2008

Stuck In My Apartment With The Memphis Blues Again

This is the picture in the men's room at Memphis Taproom...the search continues.

Name the film, i buy you a beer. Simple. Better yet, find me a copy of this picture and i buy you a sixpack.

Photo courtesy of Holland Images Ltd.

Also, while we're here: Today notwithstanding, notice a theme lately?


Anonymous said...

Hey Joel!
I'll offer you up a keep moving in the right direction. I got the image from a guy in West Philly at a Rotunda Holiday Bazaar about 3 years ago. I think he hosts a movie night there, maybe his name is Drew? (Not sure.) He may not remember at all, but maybe this will help you on your hunt! Leigh@MT

Scott said...

Never thought a camera phone could take such a not too bad picture. Happy detective work!

Anonymous said...

That's not Nicholas Cage?