Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Foxes and Ovals - Chasing Your Tail

Are you going to be driving down Rt. 100 tomorrow? You are? Perfect. So is Sly Fox's Brian O'Reilly. He'll be at the Drafting Room with 5 beers from his IPA Prjoect, so if you need a hops fix, check him out. Info here.

And after you're done there why not spin right around the corner and check out Ron's Schoolhouse Grille for some Dragon's Milk on tap? It's pouring right now and it is mighty good. The folks at Ron's, among a slew of others, are also carrying New Holland's Mad Hatter IPA and Sun Dog Amber on their bottle list. The prices are super friendly and you can grab yourself an Oval while you're amidst the glass and concrete and stone. Sounds like a pretty good Thursday to me.

Unless you are part of the Ortino's Rain Dance Crew or TND's famed Pool Hall Boys. I see gang tensions rising already amongst Thursday night drinking crews, this can only end in beershed.

So where have i been anyway? A little bit of everywhere. More blog coming, there's exciting things on the horizon.


Dan Bengel said...

Welcome back Mr. Rep! I don't know about any beershedding, it's more like beer porn.

Scott said...

Just when you think you're clued in, you realize how clueless you really are. I do, anyway. With all the time we spend there, I should certainly know who the famed TND Pool Hall Boys are but I guess I missed a chapter in "Dangerous Beer Gangs of Wayne".

Dr Joel said...

You might know us better by our proper name 'The Hellfish'. We can usually be found bullying people, its what we do best.

Induction into the Tri-Geuze house more or less implies that you are a Hellfish.

Scott said...

Yes, well Bryan's aunt is still not thrilled about the prospect of my Frank the Tank impersonation so I am likely to remain in the dark.