Monday, June 9, 2008

Recapping BSTS 1.0 - Claim Your Prize

I'll cut right to the chase for those with short attention spans. If you were at the Earthmart Organic Beer Tasting last week and if you took a flyer for the Grain Bill then i highly suggest you take a look at the back. If there's a small drawing of any sort then shoot me an email because you just got yourself a sixpack of really awesome beer. Threw your flyer away? Shame on you.

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Ok, so the Bridge Street Tasting Series first event was something i'd consider a success in its own right. I was curious as to what kind of turnout we'd have and it was great to meet so many local folks and talk organic beer for the evening. Mr. Tom from Peak braved traffic on 76 to join us and turn folks onto the their line of beers. Earthmart were great hosts and i hope to break out more organic beers there at a future tasting.

From great local homebrewers to some of the area's finest beer bloggers, it was a turnout that fostered a lot of beer disucssion. The Wolaver's and Peak variety packs feature a few simliar styles (Pale and Brown Ales) so it was fun to compare back and forth with everyone.

The gents at Wolfgang are ready for some literary beers and so am i darnnit. As soon as the feathers fall into their places we'll look at setting up a date and get a plan together. As The Brew Lounge recaps so finely here, this was another amazing weekend for beer in the Philly area and i am glad to have gotten something in before heading out of town on an adventure of my own.

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