Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Lot.

Pressure is on, the readers have spoken: Joel, you slacked off this week.

I tried to fly under the guise of making the event info for tonight the first thing people saw when they came to the blog, but got called out on lack of posting. Equally disappointing is the picture situation, i know.

So for the last time:


Earthmart, 235 Bridge Street, Phoenixville
From 6pm - 9pm come hang out with myself, my Yeoman, and Tom from Peak. We're pouring organic beers, we're gonna have a good time. Suggested donation is three clams or bones or whatever you call them.

I think it's safe to say these gents were drinking organic beer.

So there you have it, everybody's happy. Right? No, 'course not, i've got more for you. Click the little link to read on and i'll tell you all about it.

First off. There's a lot going on this weekend. I'll be around for some of it, i'll miss a lot of it.

St. Lamvinus

Teresa's Next Door was leading menu grabbers to believe that this was going to go on tap as part of the All-Star Lineup for their big birthday bash on Sunday. But a text mid-afternoon yesterday revealed: It is on tap right now.

And it is really, really good.

For those of you unblended like young lambic, i'll put it briefly: Cantillon's St. Lamvinus is a 2 year lambic that sits on red wine grapes in an oak barrel. Order it along with a warm up beer and stare at the hazy red belle liquide for a few minutes. There's far less pucker here than with some of my recent Cantillon tastes, so even those a bit scared of real lambics should definitely take the rare opportunity to get a taste of this.

Rose de` Gambrinus

Yes, i'm serious. In the Philly Burbs there's Lamvinus and Gambrinus on tap at the same time. Yes they're about 10 minutes apart.

Jeff at TJ's Everyday is supposed to be putting on the Gambrinus for his Beer Advocate Meetup this Saturday. He's got a hefty list of potentials and always has an interesting lineup going over there in Paoli. From St. Lamvinus just hop the R5 a couple stops West and hop out for the realest of the raspberry beers.

That king of flanders, that heralded saint of brewing, that Gambrinus is Cantillon's namesake for their straight, non-sweetened Framboise. This is what happens when lambic sits in oak on a bunch of raspberries. Before syrups. Before dirty hoes. By far one of the best Cantillon bottle labels too.

Troegs at the Beer Yard

The Beer Yard's usual tasting this Friday is going to be a little bit more than just usual. Joe Sixpack will be on hand to hang out and sign copies of the Philly Beer Guide, Nick Johnson will have some great Troegs beers to taste, and there'll be burgers to give you that summer feel (as if the 90 degree heat won't do the trick).

The Out of Towner

So i'm leaving the state tomorrow. This will result in pictures, out of state beer, adventure, fun, excitement. More details to come, but for now lest i jinx, over divulge, or over excite i'd just as soon leave it at that. Pictures to follow early next week, that much is guaranteed.


Mr. Ortino is going low and slow as is his custom. BBQ on Saturday leads to leftovers on Sunday, either way check Ortino's Northside out for some good eats and mighty fine beers. Big Dan says so.

Turning One

Sort of officially. Teresa's Next Door is celebrating 1 year in the Belgicana Beer Bar Business this Sunday from 11 - 5. A bunch of solid beer on tap, a bunch of solid wine to taste in Teresa's Cafe, it's all going on during the Main Line Jazz Thing. I'm parking at Strafford and hopping the train for a stop to keep my car out of the madness. Who'll join in the fun? I am pretty sure Tony Steele Kempolos will be in the house, West Chester's newest Homebrewers have laid stake in the late shift so long as they don't ressurect the touring days and follow my gal on city to city, the other Stout Yeoman has the interest and undying thirst, i'm going to try to hunt down PA's web-cellarman. Should be a nice little afternoon, join up won't you?


Kevin said...

As if this weekend wasn't a great enough weekend for beer. A firkin of Sprecher Black Bavarian will be tapped at noon on Saturday at the Memphis Taproom. I say start there and work your way down the Main Line.

vickie said...

i'm so glad you stopped slacking and started blogging! love the link to jenny! good luck-have fun-hopefully we catch up on sunday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is "Vickie" Bryan's aunt?

Scott said...

The VW bus has rusted out so I don't think we'll be quitting our jobs to follow Jenny & Co. around. Hope to see you Sunday. Have a great trip!

Dr Joel said...

HA. I have paid my pennance for the Aunt thing already. Just when i get out of trouble for that and not posting someone comes on here and tries to drag me back down.

I'm an innocent man.

vickie said...

Actually I am Bryan's Mom :-)