Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Too Soon. Jay Mission.

Most of you who read here have probably already heard, but i wanted to do my part to spread the news of Jay Mission's passing. The area has lost a fine brewer and a great beer man. Philadelphia and our surrounding areas owe so much of what we enjoy in our daily lives to tradition: the way we celebrate, the way we mourn, the way we move through everyday. Where we are now is a place born and grown from a collection of traditions and as far as we've come, we have the unfortunate but inspiring task of now looking at our peoples' legacies. As usual, Lew tells it better than anyone else could. Jay Mission.

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Anonymous said...

In case anyone is interested.
Jay's Funeral info is:

This Thursday, 11 am at St. George's-by-the-River Episcopal Church
7 Lincoln Avenue, Rumson, NJ 07760
Phone: 732-842-0596

Followed at 12 noon at McCloone's Rum Runner
816 Ocean Avenue, Sea Bright, NJ 07760

Please spread the word.

Thank you