Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From Maine to Wayne - Rob Tod's Excellent Adventure

Allagash. That Portland, Maine brewery that's got some seriously delicious hand crafted Belgian style beers has the type of roster that screams beer dinner. Between barrel aged beers with delicate notes of flavor and profound offerings that stretch some perceptions of Belgian style beers.

Rob Tod and Teresa's Next Door played host to a night of Allagash beer and great food pairings. The Allagash dinner spanned six courses with explanation on beers from Rob and plate run downs from TND's Andy Dickerson. The beer worked itself into broth and sauces amazingly and a price tag can't be put on hearing a brewer's reaction to a pairing with his own beer.

Rob Tod bounced from table to table talking beer, food, and brewing. The setup for these dinners at Teresa's makes a great platform for conversation. Some folks haven't had all or any of the beers, some have and are full of questions and then the food comes out and brings up a slew of other tastes to discuss.

So rather than ado, i won't withhold the menu any longer. Just click.

Allagash Dinner With Rob Tod - June 23, 2008

Welcome Beer
Allagash White

Musette & Meats
Cured Salumi, Julienne pear and apple salad, bourbon almonds - Served with Musette

Black Chowder
New England style chowder made and served with Allagash Black

Seared Sea Bass, scallop risotto, bing cherry Interlude butter, creamed leeks - Served with '07 Interlude

Dry rubbed and wood grilled Bison strip steaks sliced over fire roastes corn and tomato salad with pasilla Odyssey mole - Served with Odyssey

Four & Cheese
An assortment of cheeses that meet up to the complexities of Allagash Four

I must mention the bacon wrapped figs with blue cheese...holy cow.

Simply put. '07 Curiex with a nice little sweet treat to end the night.

Rob shared a lot of information about Allagash's barrel aging, their new brewery, their yeast (including an in house Brett strain), and what they were looking to accomplish with each beer we drank last night. It was a great night to eat food and talk beer, as most tend to be.

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