Monday, May 17, 2010

Events, Events, Events

Welcome To American Craft Beer Week! For many of us every week is American Craft Beer Week: We're going to our local brewpub, drinking some of our favorite beers at home or out with friends, brewing our own beer, reading through brewery websites and books and blogs. This week is about expanding those ideas and extending the reach of the overall message of all things American Craft Beer. I can hear my buddy Hoge from Highland Brewing Co right now, perched atop a bar in the Outer Banks, "Thanks for coming out here tonight to drink American...Craft...Beer!" This week breweries across the country are celebrating with special events, special beers on at their pubs, and a host of other great ways to toast this beer we all love so dearly.

Just as we approach Philly Beer Week very soon there's still time to get out this week and drink some great beer before a little rest for the insane amount of events for PBW 2010. Here's what I'm up to....

Weds, May 19 - 6pm to ? - Beer & Cheese Night @ Craft Ale House w/ New Holland Brewery & Calkins Creamery

Jay from Calkins and myself will be on hand tasting beer & cheese with a nice list of pairings for the night. Calkins will be showcasing some of the delicious products from their farm in Honesdale, PA and I will be featuring some great beers including one which will be tapped for the first time in the Philly area.

Fri May 21 - Beer Academy @ Bella Vista Distributors - $5 (includes class and samples)

A discussion and presentation on all things New Holland. I'll dive into the history of our brewery and brewing philosophy, present our portfolio and speak on our ideas, plans, and motivations in a rousing fashion. Call Bella Vista for any other details.
*I'll also be grabbing a piping hot bowl of pho beforehand if anyone cares to join me

NEXT UPDATE: Philly Beer Week 2010, my plans, my events, and my deep thoughts..... Read more!

Thursday, May 6, 2010