Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blop Boom Ba Bippa Boom Bippa Boom

Some storm, huh? As i stood on my porch with Todd, Christina, and baby Riley sipping away at my Red Sky At Night, i knew the power wasn't coming back. One of those things you can just tell.

PECO assures me that i will get my power back sometime between right now and Friday evening. Oh, good.

I guess considering how many people lost power last night and all of the other more important things there are in the world to either be reflecting upon (see post below) or thankful for (see family, friends) i guess a big heat wave and a huge storm are something we'll just all have to take in stride.

How does this affect you as a reader of the Grain Bill? Well, it doesn't really. Well, it does, but not that much. I've got more weekend recapping to do (i realize it's Wednesday), but as promised it's all about the pictures in this house.

So then. Quite simply, i need to email myself what i've already written, take my laptop to John and Marlene's house where i'll inevitably be spending the night tonight, and crunch it all together. See you then. No Mas.

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