Thursday, June 26, 2008

Odding and Ending

I was about 5 minutes from walking to Iron Hill for a Berliner then hitting Los Mariachis to spend the ten-spot i found in my pocket on dinner and more or less calling it a night. Then i made a fateful phone call. In no time flat i'm in Wayne, then Radnor for Suzanna Foo's half price sushi special and a glass of plum wine. Before i know it i'm on the train then i'm at Monk's. Simple as that.

Mr. Peters did a little event called Odds and Ends on Tuesday where he pulled a bunch of stuff from the cellar and had a nice little clearance sale of sorts. The list was pretty amazing and the prices were unbelieveable. There is still a bunch left for those interested parties. Splitting bottles and sips with my pals made for a nice range of beers to taste and there wasn't an average beer for miles.

After Foo's and a quick pre-train stop at Teresa's for Allagash Odyssey and Green Flash Hop Head Red, it was time for some cellar scouring:

Pizza Port SPF 45 Saison
Stone 8th Anniversary Brown Ale
Cantillon Cuvee Des Champions
Rock Art Magnamus Ete Tomahawkus - 'Triple ESB' (draft) - awesome beer
Avril - Brasserie DuPont (draft)

Wow. The beers seemed to get better with each one that we ordered and picked up the appropriates for a bit of a side by side tonight at TND. I have a theory that the Avery 11th (or is it 12th?) Anniversary Saison tastes exactly like a Strusellenis with no funk. The claim was made several months ago and tonight it gets put to the test.

Also, hopped over to Time since i hadn't been in and we wanted to stay near the train. The place was ok, like Spanky & Leigh's house, (most of) the tap beers were $4. They were down to the bar menu by the time we got there so we grabbed a nice Antipasto plate (super bonus points on the Mortadella for me...sentimental reasons) and i drank a Black Bavarian while the band manager had the Big Eye IPA that's been running the show in the Philly area lately. The other monseiurs on board delighted themselves with wheat and wit.

It was nice to run around the city on a night when i really wasn't planning on doing much. The beer was amazing. The 3 1/2 hours of sleep was not. Two days of making phone books left.

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