Thursday, May 8, 2008

When Two Work Spaces Collide

This is dumb. As you may or may not know, i sit in front of a computer for a living, let me tell you, not a whole lot goes on at this computer on this desk in this cubicle on this wing of the building in this end of the corporate center. Truly. If there was some sort of work pedometer my legs would've rotted away and fell from my hips a long time ago.

So the reason i'm telling you this is because i've got stuff to post, it's already written and ready to rock, but the pictures to go along with these posts are on my camera, in my home, on my nice street in my nice town up the block from my nice brewpub. So you'll have to wait. Add that to the list of productive things i could be doing rather than making phonebooks, which i am not really doing right now anyway. (I just finished typing this entire post, still no action on the phonebooking)

Anyhow, because the option is there and this is actually a post about some upcoming things, events, people, places, times, and beers. Click to see why i've really gathered you all here today.

These little 'Letter of Intent' posts are BS, i know it, you know it. It's like an IOU for blog posts. But since i'll be sitting here at this desk till 3:15 or so, i'm gonna line things up and let you know what to expect from me over the next week. I'm at work, so are you. Gimme a call, tell me about it. 610-731-2824 is Dr. Joel's Workday Hot Line. Calls from a bar during workday hours get you automatically quoted on The Grain Bill. If you leave me a voicemail my work phone automatically turns it into an mp3 on my computer so....just think of how famous you could be.

-The Art of Drinking Troegs, a bit of hype and info and pics for their yearly contest. I meant to do this over the weekend and then the weekend happened.

-My latest batch of homebrew hit my new brewery Tuesday evening. It'd been a good few months since i was able to brew last so there were ups and there were downs. Techniques employed, brewery tools laid to rest, and a monster starter got pitched into wort that's bubbling away as we speak.

-Ortino's Deck opens Saturday afternoon. It opens at 1 and i work at 2:30, so i've got to make quick work of it, but work of it i'll make. See you there.

-Speaking of Ortino's, more of the Dan Bengel Chronicles are due very soon. I'm formulating right now as you're reading this. I'm giving him preferential treatment in the beer part of my brain for a little while.

-The Tiki Bar is open and just about in full swing. We could actually use a couple people on the floor if anyone is interested shoot me a line. It's been a normal start for us, opening night was busier than anticipated, which is always a good thing. I'll be posting beer lists and such as things start to come together for the season. Have you ever eaten Alligator? Ours is marinated in hot sauce and is a suburban delicacy. Come see the man in the hat.

-I am pretty excited for Iron Hill to put their Rye IPA on. I think the board says May 12th (website reads 15th), but i am hazy. If i wasn't so darned busy this week i'd have instigated a maibock bar trip to Iron Hill Bridge St and Sly Fox. Anyhow, it looks like Mr. Tim Stumpf is putting the RIPA on cask as well and it may hit before the 12th as it's set to go on after the current and always delicious Dry Hopped Iron Bound cask hits ground zero. How do i know all this? Cask Ale Kev. He is the Northern Star of cask ale in this area.

-Two places i wanted to get this week will have to wait until next week. Possibly Wednesday for anyone interested. Ron's Schoolhouse Grille / Ron's Original and the reconstructed Victory site. If anyone wants to check these spots out next week, let me know. Sounds like yesterday was the day to be at Victory. Mr. Steele gave a call, but i was knee deep in Mother's Day shopping and Keema Samosa and couldn't take the evening shift.

-So that beer i brewed on Tuesday took me away from an impromptu trip to Capone's for all you can eat crab legs and Hopfen Weiss on tap. Poke my eye out with a crab claw. It hurts missing a trip to Capone's. Matt has some sort of voodoo over me i think. My trips to the bottle shop are the same everytime:

I walk in.
He says, "Hey, how ya doin'?"
I go way over beer budget.

I don't get it. But we're going on Tuesday to remedy the situation.

Anyhow, boy did i ramble on this one. Ah well, at least there was something to do when you came to the site today.

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