Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Day In The Life

Another post, no pictures. There were going to be pictures, there were going to be a lot of things on Tuesday evening...then i lost my phone. The several hours of searching and hunting completely disabled me from getting done the important things in my life and i found it just in time to finalize sushi plans in Skippack at the awesome Tokyo. We were out on the deck ready to pop open a bottle* of Malheur Brut when the clouds rolled in and forced us, our bottle, and our boat indoors.

So the flyers to be posted about The Bridge Street Tasting Series will have to go up today. That's fine, i wouldn't have caught Mike at Cheese! on Tuesday anyway because they close up shop on Mon and Tues.

Anyhow, more pressing matters. Beer...

I hit the road Wednesday with the Beer Lass herself, Suzanne Woods for a glimpse into the life of a Sales Director. For those that don't know, Suz is the sales beacon for Sly Fox Brewing Company in addition to many other endeavors (both current and upcoming) in the sudsy world of beer. Full disclosure one way or the other of my reason for doing so will be forthcoming in a couple weeks, but for now i'll just say i had good reason to do some job shadowing. So i made like a shadow as we stopped in at a bunch of Sly Fox accounts and got a feel for what goes on in the world of beer. I learned a lot and we got to a bunch of great places.

I hadn't been to Devil's Alley and Memphis Taproom yet, so those were two great stops. I can't wait to get back to Memphis to try some food. That place is every bit as great as everyone says it is.


I will buy you a beer if you comment or email me the name of the photograph or photographer who's picture of the motorcycle flying through the window is framed in the Memphis Taproom's men's bathroom**. I think it's one of the greatest pictures i have ever seen.

So in addition to great food at Good Dog (as always), almost being a key witness in one publican's discovery of what was thought to be a dead homeless man, and a tense match of rock, paper, scissors (international rules), i learned a bunch of valuable stuff about how the beer sales business works.

Things all wrapped up at Jose Pistola's for their North Coast Promotion with Pranqster, Brother Thelonious, Acme Pale, Red Seal, and Old Rasputin on Nitrogen. Each beer got you a little closer to true bliss as promised by Casey Parker. Driving back to Phoenixville wasn't the only reason i stopped after three.

In all a very good day indeed. One of these days you people will clock into the Grain Bill and see more than words again. Seriously. Someday.

* Quick beer tip #1 - With a big corked bottle of beer and a place that serves beer you don't care for, calling ahead and asking if you can bring in a bottle of champagne is always worth a try. With Malheur you're kind of not even lying.

** Info must lead to me actually finding this picture on the interwebs.

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