Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This Is One Serious Lack of Images.

Short lived as it may be, i think this is the first time the front page of Grain Bill has had absolutely no pictures whatsoever. That's a problem. I didn't realize i had so much to say and so little to show. Surely that can be changed.

Just to catch up on a few things:

The Hop Head Red is out there and its fantastic, it came over here just in time for the Spring that finally decided to show up. The hopping is on the floral end of things which is just fine by me in this crisp clean beer from Green Flash.

Victory's Brewpub is doing some serious damage in the Cask ale department. Kev reports Hop Devil, Hop Wallop, Storm King, and Uncle Teddy's on as of yesterday with ESB ready once something kicks.

I still haven't made it into Ron's Schoolhouse since the bar was put it. Not gonna happen this week either. One of these days.

Not the most exciting blog post you ever did read, i realize that. I'm being very careful with what i say at the moment so Big Dan can't get a whiff of my trail. .


Dan Bengel said...

I am pretty sure where I can find you in June!

Dr Joel said...

My UPS tracking number shows that my stunt double is scheduled for delivery May 31st. Good luck!