Thursday, May 8, 2008

Caps and Crafts

It’s that time of year again (actually it has been, I’m a little late in posting this) for all of you Troegs fans out there. The Art of Drinking Troegs 2008 is about to begin. The yearly art contest challenges you- yeah, you – to make something awesome out of Troegs bottle caps. If you’ve been to the tasting room and gift shop, you’ve seen some of this art on display. There are prizes involved, you’ve got to drink beer to get the caps, everybody wins even if some people lose. It’s pretty awesome.

May 15th is the official kickoff for this year’s Art of Drinking Troegs contest. You can get your supplies at the following bars. It’s arty, it’s crafty, please do not eat the paste no matter how much it smells like root beer. So get out there, drink some Troegs, turn your living room into an art studio and let your inspiration flow as the fella says.

If people want to send me pics of their stuff i’ll be glad to post them up. Click ' Read More' for some pictures i took around town just for the heck of it. Next stop, bottle cap swimsuit calendar.

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