Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bock The Goat

Holy sunshine race fans, you couldn’t ask for a better day to run some goats. With false talk of rain clouds and showers leading up to the day of the Sly Fox’s annual Bock Fest, a bit of sympathy from Ra himself added provision to fruition and as always, the event was a great success. Six heats of pure goat adrenaline, a photo finish, a race off- it was enough to make you start charting out the odds and placing a bet.

The bocks were pouring away as Sly Fox featured something like six or seven different bock beers for the thirsty crowd. Beer lines snaked in front of, inside of, and around the brewpub while smile after smile shined right back up to those clear blue skies. Friends, notables, and strangers littered the festival site and if ever there was a kickoff to this new spring season of ours, it was at the hand of our feet.

So on to the action: Entrekin, Infected, Sundae, Reggie, Lightning, the competition was exactly as fierce as you would guess that competition at a goat race would be. With some close heats and a few disqualifications this thing was far from a landslide. Jasper, a goat with real purpose and speed took the crown by winning a one-on-one race off with first heat winner Entrekin.

My favorite goat of the day did not fare so well, but he had personality in spades and now that he’s got the taste for racing, i’d look for him to be a serious competitor in Bock Fests to come. Reggie, who was not only racing for the first time, but was actually seeing life outside of his own yard for the first time, had a lot to say in our pre-race interview. (I’ll post audio soon.) He was quick and to the point, answering my questions, relieving himself, then trotting off to the starting line.

Between the anticipation of the races, the exhilaration of competition, and the madness of the aftermath, Phoenixville was a oompah-ing, fur flying, beer garten raceway for yet another year. Many were in attendance for the first time and I believe just as many have vowed to make a return.

When waiting in line to get a beer is your only problem of the day, you’ve got to know you’re doing something right. Sly Fox continues to please their hometown fans (and those who like a bit of travel as well) with fun events, great beer, and a mindful eye on tradition. This year’s Bock Fest was no exception. It was a day to just relax and have a glass of beer or three with your friends, a day to be right where you are, and a day to enjoy a great event at a great brewery.

Oh, the Jasper Maibock is delicious.

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