Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How i don't set the world on fire, Vol. #1

Ok, status check.

Not a ton to report today, but i'd feel like all this gloomy weather was getting the best of me if i didn't post something.

Actually, truth be told i really enjoy days like the one a lot of us are looking out our windows and seeing. I've done some really cool stuff during rain storms and days of general gray.

My Dad used to take me on walks in thunderstorms in the summer and that was awesome. There was always that element of danger that makes it good to be close to your Dad, it's like some invincibility thing that you feel when you really trust someone.

Getting back on track though, what is happening this week?

Well i am pouring at the Full Mooner tonight at the Ugly Moose... 6:30 - 9:30 PM in the garage. We're pouring Dogfish Head, Southampton, Riverhorse, and Oskar Blues. If you're in the 'yunk and not at Flat Rock then you should come hang out. $10 gets you samples all night.

Thursday is full of events. I'm definitely starting at the Mug Club Party at Iron Hill in Phoenixville and wondering if there will actually be Cannabilistic left (doubtful)...they had on Rye IPA Cask, Rye IPA, and a Kev approved Baltic Porter yesterday too and they're rolling out something special for the muggies. If you've got a membership card i hope to see you there, it'd be cool to put some names to faces in there.

Then i really want to go show my support for The Brew Lounge at The Drafting Room even though Thursday is usually reserved for Teresas Next Door. Can i do all three? Heck no, i rise before 6 am Friday and work until midnight dude.

Other than that it's a very Tiki Memorial Day. Catch me behind the bar Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this weekend. We're rolling out some new beers soon, they may be in this week, they may be in the following.

I made Toad In The Hole last night and paired it with a Brooklyn Brown. I need to work on the recipe just a touch, but you'll definitely catch me making this often.

Raucco's Red Rye has got a nice blanket of Cascades floating on top and will be bottled next week. Johnny gets married the second week of June, the timing is perfect.

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