Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh so many chances to taste the fruits of the New Holland tree

Philly. Burbs. People. Friends. It's New Holland month in whatever town i wake up in lately, but hometown of mine: We've got the whole month together. I've got a lot of beer for people to taste and a slurry (how do you spell 'sloo'? slue? shlue? this is why i say you don't use a sloo in brewing, not that i know of) of different ways to experience them.

I'm hitting the event trail starting this coming Thursday 11/13 and never coming up for air.

11/13 - Ortino's Northside - Hellfish in Old Man Land
- Cabin Fever, Pilgrim's Dole, and Dragon's Milk will be on tap. Hang time, let's talk New Holland history and future at the summit of keg mountain.

11/14 - Exton Beverage - 4 to 6 pm - Variety Packs at PA's coolest indoor frolf course - Tasting 5 or 6 New Holland brands in celebration of the release of our Fall/Winter Variety packs. I'm up for beers at the Drafting Room in Exton afterwards for a few bottles of Black Tulip if anyone wants or i'll march East on Lancaster Ave and do the fertile crescent tour. Come out next Friday and tell me where we're going afterwards.

11/18 - The Institute (12th & Green) - Dragon's Milk flight night
If you can wrestle bombers of Dragon's Milk out of the hands of Charlie, Heather, and I then you can play too. We're pairing Dragon's Milk in flights with cheese, chocolate, and ice cream. Ideal for splitting in pairs, but solo and big numbers work too. Let's get beer on the table, where it belongs. If you hold your pinky out all hoity toity you might even get a prize.

11/19 - New Holland Beer Dinner @ Molly Maguire's - Phoenixville, PA
If you haven't seen the menu and the lineup then give yourself a little scroll down below. $45 includes 6 beers, 5 course, tax, tip. Pretty darn good. From our session beers to some of the big boys, there will be a lot to taste at Molly's.

11/20 - SOUL POWER @ The Sidecar Bar & Grille
- 22nd & Christian - Philly
Man, i am so excited for this one. Poet Oatmeal Stout, Mad Hatter, Dragon's Milk Cabin Fever, Pilgrim's Dole - Soul Food & Soul Music. I could really use a lot of my Philly friends at this one. It's going to be a blast. Pay As You Go. And go. And go. And go.

11/21 - Beer Tasting with the boys at The Beer Yard - Wayne, PA
I'll be pouring 5 or 6 beers again to further celebrate and puncuate the variety packs. 5 - 7pm

Then walk with me folks...

11/21 - Deconstruction: Mad Hatter IPA - Teresa's Next Door

Andy D, Teddy, and i will be picking apart Mad Hatter piece by piece and pairing foods to its flavor components. 7:30 pm and on. We're gathering in the front of the house. When all is said and done i may crack open a bottle of Dragon's Milk too. If you can't wait, hop over there right now and grab some.

Then its all quiet on the eastern front as i count down the days to the greatest holiday of them all....Turkey Day. Wow, my thoughts on this amazing day are worth a post of their own.

Black Friday at the shhhhh spot. I may have a beer on tap, not sure yet. But i expect to see many factions of many Philly beer crews at this one.

Black Saturday - 11/29 - Back In Black - Union Jacks Manatawny
Another one of Tom's great events. All stouts all day. I'll have The Poet on tap and will be ready to go into a lovibond coma. These events are always packed and we'll all be in the holiday mood. So lets have some stout.

That's right pilgrim, it doesn't stop in November. December's got more distributor tasting, New Holland at The Foodery, and a crazy pub night in Lansdale with 7 New Holland beers on tap and people taking home New Holland pint glasses. Come celebrate great craft beer with me at any of these events. Its going to be a fun, long, crazy month.


JT said...

Come to SC in January or February and we'll set up some sort of crazy event (I already have a location in mind.) Remember - it's not nearly as cold down here.

Kevin said...

How dare you mock the rest of the members of the TNSC.

Dr Joel said...

I'm due for a trip to see you guys...ok, overdue. Let's make it happen man.

Dr Joel said...

Purely out of love my friend. Hope to see you on Thurs. Its been far too long.

Amanda B. said...

I don't believe I see any PGH stops there!

Dr Joel said...

PGH is its own trip. I've got things in the works out your way, but i wanted to give home some much needed attention.

Dan Bengel said...

TNSC are looking for some Hellfish to eat! Wait, that doesn't sound right.

Dr Joel said...

Pretty sure i'll be the sole Hellfish. That's a big pond, not that i'm a small fish or anything...

Looking forward to seeing you Big Dan.