Friday, November 14, 2008

Local Buds plus a little afternoon heiser

Okay this post got longer than planned, so business first instead of second. I am pouring samples of a bunch of New Holland brands in celebration of the release of our sweet fall/winter variety packs at Exton Beverage today from 4pm to 6pm. Come hang. PDGA guru Greg Ramirez might even sign your driver when you stop by.

Way back when i was going to do a series on Grainbill called, 'Know Your Blogger' and i was going to catch up with other beer bloggers and interview them and do a nice profile thing. I still think that would be a lot of fun, but right now time isn't really permitting that....ironically i sit and share beers with some of these people pretty freqeuntly, so i realize that i'm blowing opportunities left and right.

Anyhow, that said i'd just like to highlight two local blogs that haven't gotten a lot of mention here before and remind you all of a third gem that's gotten plenty of print in the Grainbill archives.

Up first is Adam and Beer Bits 2 . Adam is a dedicated homebrewer and always has entertaining and informational posts, porjects, experiments, and boughts with his own beer buying willpower up for reading on his site. Between he and his travelling, running, blogging, brewing neighbor thier hood goes uses a lot of bandwith and a lot of water. They're just overcompensating for all those neighborhoods in America with no bloggers and no homebrewers.

Next is Brian over at I Am Beer Wise . Now look, we aren't going to give Brian a hard time for hailing from Pittsburgh, rather we're just going to be thankful that we've got him over on the Philly side of the world. Brian's blog is full of detailed looks at our area's great bars and events as well as some mighty fine beer too. He and i both suffer from that strange unnamed syndrome of realizing that we go to a lot of great bars and restaurants but can't nearly keep up with all of the ones that we need to go check out. Brian's full of insight and fun stories, buy the guy a beer when you see him and check out I Am Beer Wise.

And of course, that artful dodger in his Dr. Joel's best, fall collection courderoy suitcoat: Cask Ale Kev should definitely be on all of our minds right now. He is a year older and wiser, he is coming off of a pretty serious academic probation that almost ruined his 2000's and he may go into some sort of joyous combustion at the big cask event tomorrow.

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