Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Suburbs, More Beer, More Places To Be

File under: Things to keep an eye on.

Limerick, PA just a few short miles from where my Mother spent an entire teaching career, an old favorite is turning into a new shining beacon in the land of low flying airplanes and nuclear towers. Gary Fry and his wife hope to have Craft Ale House (located on Ridge Pike in Limerick) open on December 1st. What's now bare bones and blue prints is soon to be another great suburban beer destination.

What many local folks will remember as the Limerick Deli is turning into a 16 tap, 100+ bottle pub with fresh food from scratch and a cozy atmosphere. Cooler space is already dedicated for take out beer. Those drives to and through the suburbs just got even better. With exciting and ambitious plans for events once Craft Ale House is alive and ticking, things seem to be lining up just right at Montco's newest beer bar.

Website is under construction, but i'm sure info will be up soon.

Plenty of back roads to and from, i had an 'ah-ha' moment on my way home and cut my drive time in half. The only thing that makes me nervous about Craft Ale House? So many members of the Thursday Night Social Club live nearby. It's hard being a Hellfish these days.


Dan Bengel said...

True that my friend.

tom foley said...

be afraid, be very afraid.........

Anonymous said...

Yes it's getting dicier by the week