Monday, November 10, 2008

Fallen Bach

For you morning birds... here's the mix and the cover art. The notes are coming, i'm actually going back for a 45 min morning siesta (its weird, i'm awake but i dont need to be awake yet, so i'm going for mine).

If your name is JR. Enjoy, you're actually on here before i can email you and ask if you want to come here and download it or receive the total package.

Ok, siesta over and well worth the trip.

The Tale of the Tape

Fall mixtapes seem easy enough in concept, you know the mood you want to set, you know the feelings you want to convey; its like trying to turn something you can see and touch into a collection of songs. This summer and early autumn i've been on the road like never before. New towns, new friends, new bars, new adventures...A lot happening, but then i get back in my car for 10 hours and its just tunes and thoughts again. So many of these songs are ones i've been listening to on the road and others are ones i plan on listening to on the road a lot.

Its interesting though, in my listening to different sections of the mix i took a weird screening approach: i've been laying on my carpeted floor with a blanket bunched up like a pillow with my head boxed in by my desk. Yeah, i've been laying with my head under my desk. I started out doing mindless things like playing freecell (if you've got a particularly hard game number, give me a shout, i run the show at freecell), but my mind would drift off to work stuff or what i wanted to cook for dinner. Somehow laying under my desk eyes closed made for the best listening station. Honestly, at this point i'd recommend it.

Warmth sputtering from the heater, floor gently vibrating from the dishwasher whirring in the kitchen, and three walls of wood grain surrounding me from the shoulders up i kind of found a little apartment zen. I'm not gonna lie, i'll be going back in for more.

So there were a few albums where i really felt i could have picked any song and been just fine in the winding tracks of Fallen Bach, so they surely must be fall albums. They are as follows:

Midlake - The Trials of Van Occupanther
My Morning Jacket - At Dawn
Tin Hat Trio - Book Of Silk
Any sound ever recorded by The Band

I like listening to a mix all the way through before i look at the tracks, but if you're unlike me (how dare you...) then the track list is in the picture below. If you want a link to download the mix, shoot me an email. Also, i'd suggest opening up the blog twice since this is just one long 1 hr & 20 min track. If you click away accidentally you'll be starting the mix all over again.

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sholland said...

Nice mix. I am listening to it now. BTW, if you click away, you *do* have to restart. But your pc will start to buffer the track. So you can click on the right side of the fill bar every 30 seconds or so and it will fast forward you to the end of the buffer.