Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh the hours we've wasted.

Wrapping up all of that Pliny business, all i can tell you is that these two kegs must have fallen from the sky because what looking into things i did do (read: World Rabies Day) turned up conflicting stories about keg departures, keg arrivals, kegs etcs.

And truth be told, i don't care nearly as much as those posts below might imply. Just having some fun and screwing up google searches from the West Coast to the East. I was asked if that whole mishap in Walcott, IA actually happened or not, which i guess is a small triumph for my cause.

So to the three of you who actually read this blog: Let's get back to business as usual.

Ortino's Northside was quite busy on Friday and for good reason- they were pouring some great beers. I just didn't want to leave.

The Pliny was tasting very nice, whenever it was from. Plenty of fun for the nose, plenty of tongue smacking hops. It was certainly more Pliny than the last one we talked about. Ditto Perkuno's Hammer. Held up really well and was a going down almost too easily. Alongside of the Stone Black IPA and Founder's Dirty Bastard, Ortino's was looking like the place to be on Friday. Plenty of friendly and familiar faces around the bar and some good chatter in every direction. Assuming everyone had a good time is something i feel i can do in safety.

So where do we go from here? Well all of the reports on Russian River, including word from Vinnie himself, are that we'll have more beer at some point this summer. I can live with that. I mean, from a few days shy of May until they fire the school busses back up in September is about as big a gap as a lot of folks have between Russian River stuff anyway, so really those that didn't get a taste over the past two weekends shouldn't feel terribly left out. I don't think i'll be tracking any delivery trucks across country for a long time, but if i do get word on any RRBC beer headed our way i will be sure to share the news.


Scott said...

We had a great time. If we could only make one Pliny event, I am glad it was the one with the good Pliny. The Hammer and Dirty Bastard also rocked.

We will await the comments of your other reader. :-)

Kevin said...

Had I know I would have had such a great time I would have told the misses Iwould be home at 7:00 and would have only been 15 mins. late. I thought the beers were great as well. It was great when Heather from the Drafting Room asked me if I had any good beer lately. Hope to see you around town.
I thought the Pliny thing was a creative way to contrast the two very similar events.


Dan Bengel said...

A large thank you to all who brave such terrible weather :>) Always good to see the Doctor in the house!