Friday, April 4, 2008

A Mish Mash of Melangica

I missed The Session this month. I started in on it, a blistering bio of Bob The Beer Hero, but things just didn't pan out. Sometimes they don't. Check out Stonch though, he runs a great blog and is hosting The Session this month. Visit a few times today as i'm sure the posts will be pouring in. There were a ton last month.'s been a while since a proper post, so i'll just give a quick round up of what is on the horizon for me and for Grain Bill.

I really wanted to get an interview with Rob Tod in before he hit town, but i got the dates screwed up and thought i had more time to contact him and try to set it up. He might be doing a night at Teresa's Next Door this summer and if so i will try to get a hold of him beforehand. Anyhow, Mr. T is at Tria tomorrow night. Info here. If you haven't done a Tria class, seriously, pony up the dough and check one out. I'm hooked. Jon and his folks do a really good job over there.

Next weekend is starting to look like a big one for me. I think i will take a maiden voyage to The Drafting Room's Springhouse location for Hop Fest. Mr. P is making the trek from wine country along with a really nice lineup of other beers, so it feels like the place to be.

That Monday is the Victory dinner at Teresa's, looks to be a good one and especially so for the price. Bill Covaleski will be in the house and he'll be bringing some serious beers along with him. Should be a good one, hopefully an interview will develop on here before or after the event.

So that's it really. Incubus Day at Sly Fox today and then a big night of nothing major. If you're so inclined, i am bartending at the Tiki Bar's original location tomorrow night. Always a good time to be had there, so come say hello.

Oh also, i have visions of a bi-monthly beer tasting series in my sleepy town of residence and have the first one lined up. Earthmart, a great store with a focus on health, conscious, and environment is into the idea of organic beer. So on June 5th, a Thursday, The Grain Bill will be pouring beers from Peak Organic Brewing and Wolaver's, Peak may have a rep in the house, it'll be a very small donation (i'm thinking like $3) to hang out and taste from 6 - 9pm. More info as it rolls in and gets closer to the date, but i just wanted to put a feather in yer caps.

My sister is under the knife as i type so i am waiting for the 'all clear' call from Mom.

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Got a DD for that Springhouse jaun?

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