Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I've been sitting here all morning thinking about life, about what the future will hold, about the fact that i want to do a really big post on my blog about some really bad and really good beer coverage in the mainstream media, but don't have the time....and what am i forgetting?

Troegs will be tapping a firkin of Hopback at Teresa's Next Door in, like, a couple hours dude. I'm going, some of my favorite people to chat over beers with are going, Chris Trogner will be there, Nick Johnson will be there, it's gonna be a darn good time.

Nick will be giving a brief dissertation about a new product he is developing and rather than link i will quote and italicize myself.

"I also understand Nick has been in development with some company overseas to develop just about the coolest thing i've heard of in a while. He's calling it a Firkegskin and its modeled after that almighty feast the Turducken.

Basically it's a vessel that will hold a pin inside of a cask inside of a half barrel. It's got two taps and a handpump and allows you to taste a beer all three ways. He keeps sketches of the prototype in his pocket and will talk your ear off about it all night."

That is all for today good people. I have some stuff in the works. I promised to praise a local blogger, which i will do tomorrow. I've got some more pictures to post undoubtedly. I'm outta here, meet me at the end of the bar.

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