Thursday, April 24, 2008

Everybody's Firkin For The Weekend

Troegs Brewing Company from Hustlin’ Harrisburg has hit the firkin scene hard this year. There’s a firkin scene? Yes friend, there is a firkin scene and they are all over it. As the radius braces for another season of Nugget Nectar come and gone some have begun to question their own existence, others are hot on the trail of the freshest beer they can taste.

And the brothers Trogner deliver. Touted as a Chris event, they threw a fresh off of CBC San Diego John Trogner at the happy and thirsty crowd at Teresa’s Next Door on Wednesday. Armed with a ton of cool news to share, John and Mid-Atlantic sales dude Nick Johnson worked the room and watched glass after glass of Hopback drain from their firkin.

The Hopback got a bit of a boost from a bag of Palisades floating on the beer and the brownish-amber ale was far from the hoppiest thing in the house (upon sitting down i had a full pour of Lagunitas IPA as well as a side-by-side of Nugget Nectar samples from the tap and from the cask), but it was darn good drinking. Along with the Hopback on gravity and both Nugget Nectars, Teresa's also had Sunshine Pils on tap to give folks a nice variety of Troegs to choose from.

Beer packaging and market placement seem to be fresh in the minds of our local brewers, John picked up right where the Victory crew left off last week. One thing that seems less apparent sometimes to us as we sit on our barstools and wax romantic about how cool the brewing industry is is the fact that a lot of these guys have to live and breathe the industry 24/7. The tireless efforts and travel of these guys isn't something that gets mentioned all too often.

John talked a bit about his time out in San Diego last week as well as some very cool upcoming projects that are about to start rolling forward at the brewery. Some are as simple as two or three degrees celsius and others involve a certain award winning beer getting the bomber treatment.

Despite the crowd gathered at the end of the bar (including the likes of Mr. Charity himself, Wayne luminary Matt Guyer) it seemed as though plenty of Hopbacks were being served to tables and down the bar. Three hours after tapping the firkin had run dry and everyone was in high spirits. Another fine showing from Troegs and another event in the books for Teresa's summer schedule.

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