Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heirloom - A Mix To Spring By

It's that time again, another mix from the desk of Dr. Joel. Usually for me spring brings on a deluge of reggae and other feel good stuff and i've definitely been listening to my fair share (Bus Rider's Sweltering Fever, Rerog's 6 Dollar Mix, Early Wailers sides from 1970 - 72), my mind was elsewhere as Spring began to emerge this year. I am almost done reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver (and family) and i couldn't have been given this book at a better time (Thank You Fred). I hit the Phoenixville Farmer's Market hard last year, i saw a total switch in my grocery buying habits and needs. Talula's Table and their charcuterie blew me away, the work of Rod from Backyard Bison spoils me since i am able to see him on a weekly basis.

I've long been a big supporter of the little guy, but over the last year i went in even deeper. As i drove around and around from fall to spring i'd gotten a chance to take part in a lot of different towns' local activities. Beer dinners with local ingredients, i happened upon a nice little farmer's market on Wednesdays in Purcelville, VA right before walking in to one of my events, lots of local meats, cheeses, and produce all over the Eastern side of the country. I was blown away by the Holland farmer's market when i was there in September, i was blown even further away by the work of Matt Millar who i was introduced to on the same trip.

So this mix has a very apparent theme, in some ways it sort of tells a story - there is a concept and dramatic happenings that follow from start to end, at least i think there are anyway. So enjoy, astute listeners will notice one track repeated from my fall mix. As with last time, i'd encourage listening before viewing the track list below, but i know that's not everyone's cup of tea. Enjoy locavores, enjoy.

Heirloom - Spring/Summer 2009

And beyond ado....the track list:

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vickie said...

I can't wait to hear your mix! I really hope someone is burning me a CD for my birthday. :-)