Monday, July 14, 2008


There are certain ways to do everything. The right way, the wrong way. The road most traveled, the road least. Calculated, unadulterated. Everyone’s got their something.

When you think about something enough you tend to idealize it. No matter what it is, you want to experience it certain ways, you want to relive it as memorably as possible, you want to hang on feelings and relive discoveries.

We all get to points in time where we understand things through our own exploration, but sometimes the sum of all of our understandings teaches us more than we can research and discover on our own.

I was a guest tonight in something that’s been going on for a quite some time and while the beer was amazing, I realized that its what the beer leads people to do that might just be more important.

So I just wanted to say two things: Thank you & see you next week.

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Dan Bengel said...

I knew you would like that. Who wouldn't? Can't do it every Monday, my liver needs a break from the Thursday night social club meetings. But you will not find better beer or people.