Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tasty Tuesday, a pre-Beer Week drink for us all.

Philly Beer Week, holy smokes. This year for me is a million ways different than last year, but somehow the sight of Beer Week adverts on the back of Septa buses all over the city today got me really excited and ready to roll.

I've got seats left for my two dinners. Jose Pistola's just did a New Holland Beer & Cheese pairing over the weekend that i missed while at my Union Jacks event (several of those beers still on tap) and i will be in the house at Teresa's Next Door all night long this coming Tuesday, March 3rd with Night Tripper on tap. I might even let a few details slip about which vintages of which beers will be served. If you don't have plans for Sunday on opening weekend, come out and i'll tell you all about it. If you do have plans, come on out anyway, there's not a lot of Night Tripper in Philly.


David said...

The night tripper already kicked at UJ's. I was hoping to get some yesterday but I think it kicked sometime during the day.

Dr Joel said...

I blame Tom.