Sunday, January 11, 2009

Read Up On Your Read Ups

A while back I had a conversation about writing styles and blog post ideas with Mr. Kolesar and it gave me a lot of perspective about the nuts and bolts of The Brew Lounge, but also about letting thoughts rattle around a bit and form themselves in your mind until you kind of have no option but to make a blog post about them.

So reader folk of mine who are still hanging on, this is the long way of me saying that i've got something cooking, but i want to think about it a bit more. So until then i am sending you to read up on your read ups. The Brew Lounge has been putting some serious word counts out there lately. I know, i know, you're all sitting at work and despite the fact that you want to be distracted, a stack of paragraphs seems like too much for your over worked mind to endure- but really you're getting a ton of info and adventure and commentary in one shot. Dive in.

I found a new blog recently that is so completely up my alley that i should be typing this in an envious green. Batches Brew is a beer, music, found things, photography blog run by homebrewer and dusty fingered collectro DJ Taza. Everything from mid-week music mixes to brewers notes and beer reviews to news updates from the beer world can be found at Batches Brew. Plus its a fine site to hop around. Take thee to Batches Brew pronto.

So here it is, Monday morning and your Google Reader is blowing up. Get after it.
Catch you folks when i've got something to say.

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