Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dear Blog, i love you.

Sorry i've been absent without notice lately. It has been a pretty hectic, busy, and productive week and a half or so.

Anyhow quick update from the road. I love North & South Carolina. I've had a great day meeting new bar owners and managers and revisiting those i've made friends with on past trips. It's beautiful land down here and the cities are laid back.

My pal Mundy told me to blog about something and i complete forgot what it was, so i need to solve that and post up. Also that thing i told y'all (dude, i'm in the south- i can say y'all) that i'm thinking about is still bubbling inside my head. I have about 8 hours of drive to cultivate it tomorrow on the way to Lexington, KY.

Anyhow....Aiken Brewing/Brewpub in Carolina. Delicious beer, run buy a bunch of folks with full time jobs who put their shifts in to make and serve great beer. Awesome.

Sexual Chocolate is as popular down here as it is mystical and sought after up in the northlands of Philly.

It was 60 degrees yesterday, i took a walk and was over dressed. Take that January.

I have to man the New Holland table at World Beer Fest Columbia, SC today and i have been progressively losing my voice over the past couple of days. A scratchy throat has spiralled downward into me barely being able to project at all. To top it off, i just read an article about Lost Voice and Laryngitis remedy myths and found out that the three things i was doing to cure it all actually cause more harm than good. Hootie Hoo.

Be good beer world. Catch you soon.

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