Monday, December 29, 2008

Three Cheers for Keller Pils

At one point when this blog was born i was thinking about a year end wrap up or award ceremony or something. Not gonna happen this year. BUT, i do have one sole award to hand out:

Big Dan
for your selflessness in the line of duty, for seeing a keg of beer that could have been on tap at your house rather than a place looking to make a good showing on their opening days (which they did), and for leaving something behind for the rest of us after your famed Quality Control sessions:

The Grain Bill hereby awards you the Red Badge of Courage for decisions that ultimately led to me having a delicious glass of Sly Fox Keller Pils.


Suz said...

ahh. the keller pils. Glad you liked it.

Thanks dan for sharing the liquid love.

Dan Bengel said...

I thank you so much for this honor. It was the least and I guess the most I could do. And it was a very right smart tasting beer!