Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dec 20 2008

Ok, posting via phone again. Hopefully I come back to this. I had a beer this week that put my palate on aim and set me up for an amazing side by side this afternoon.

Gouden Carolous' Grand Cru (cuvee van de kaiser, I believe...coming back for fact checking) set me up on a quest for malt forward beers with deep fruit notes that could warm me as I warm them in my glass.

Long story short, I ended up with an 04 Flying Dog wild Dog (10th anniversary double pale) that is the last of a case split that happened shortly after the beer's release. It aged beautifully, great body with a sherry almost wine like sturdy sweet depth that got better sip by sip. If I'm not mistaken this beer eventually became Double Dog, my favorite in the Flying Dog lineup.

An 08 bottle of Double Dog next to its predecessor to help celebrate the Yeoman's new home. The main thought here, which I seem to have completely danced past, is that one beer set my pallet up to find something great 5 days later.

Ok gotta go.


A Stout Yeoman said...

Fan-freakin'-tastic is what you'd call that. Makes me wish I'd saved that other bottle too.

I had the Carolus Noel a couple of weeks ago and was not so impressed with it. It had some potential, but the one I had seemed overly hot. Certainly a warmer for winter, but a bit much for my tastes. I need to try some more of their offerings as I've heard good things.

Dr Joel said...

I had the Noel on Thanksgiving night and was not all that into it. Had a big black licorice thing happening that didnt appeal to me much. I'm told their Noel last year great though.

The Noel was the only one that i'd ever had from them that i didn't dig. You'd definitely be into the Hopsinjoor and i'm actually kind of surprised that we haven't discussed that beer. Maybe we have?

Either way, hanging on to that last bottle of Wild Dog was heroic considering how well it was drinking before.