Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baker The Baker

Palled it up with the West Chester Alliance For Better Beer (WCAFBB) last night at Earth Bread + Brewery on Germantown Ave. Man, what an awesome place. The early reports came in a couple of weeks ago and word from behind the bar is that the construction on Germantown is a few weeks from being done (and its really not that hard to get around anyway) so make no excuses and get down to see the place. Mr. Baker's beers are really good, at the moment pouring a great Mild, a Pale Ale with local hops and lemon verbena, Biere D' Earth - a farmhouse, and a really nice smoked wheat beer too.

Also fun is saying smoked wheat fast in conversation, a' la "Hey, you still smoke wheat?" Try it at work.

Anyhow, the pizza is awesome. We had two, the sausage and seed and both were top notch and came out piping hot. Also a bit of a new discovery for our crew were 'hot' olives. Not spicy, rather cured olives that had been heated up. Pretty awesome.

Did i mention The '08 Olive Project? I split a big 'ol bag of olives from Keystone Homebrew and am currently brining 5 lbs of olives. They get jarred up in several forms and fashions when i get back from Michigan mid-way through next week.

New Holland Beer? I'll be posting up a flyer for fall tour as soon as i get back, some good stuff booked up and good stuff in the works. Be on the lookout for Cabin Fever Brown Ale to drop at the same time as our Seasonal Variety Pack.

Check the technique:

Hopefully i'll post from the road on this MI swing, if not, catch you folks when i get back to town. The local blog world is doing great things these days so click the links over there to the left. Also, while Uncle Jack is healing up take an opportunity to read back through some of his old posts that you may have missed. He's also got words in the most recent Mid-Atlantic Brewing News, so go out for a beer and grab yourself a brewspaper. Get well soon Jack!


sholland said...

Fun place! Dug the hot olives!

We are working on our secret handshake now. And, for that matter, a shorter moniker than WCAFBB. You know, like Hellfish but cooler. :-)

Dr Joel said...

There's only one thing cooler than a Hellfish and that's a Polar Bear. While Thursdays are already rife with beer gang activity, i'd say there's plenty of room left during the rest of the week for some Chester County rowdies.