Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stuff that Rocks

So i know the trend has been that i haven't been nearly as active as i used to be here at the Grain Bill. I've been trying my darndest, but i can assure you all that what i've lacked in time bringing you beer content i have made up for by trying to make your trips to the bar and to great restaurants that much better by slinging a roster of really great beers.

This is sort of a quick blast of all the things that would be blog posts of their own if the time was there for me to sit down and blog as they were happening. So consider us on our way to being caught up. The following things just freakin' rock:

TJ's Everyday and their mac and cheese. Oh and their $6 DFH 120 on tap. And their Rodey Grand Cru that's still hanging on. And their Southampton Saison.

Hold The Rope. Jesse Chew is an extremely nice guy and i'm glad i got to meet him the other day. The team of Hess, Campolos, and the rest of the Teresa's crew put on an awesome Beer Auction and raised quite a bit of scratch for the cause last Saturday.

The Pines Tavern in Gibsonia, PA. Wow. What a great restaurant with their own garden for produce. Jason and Lisa put together an awesome beer dinner and the staff is top notch. In the 'burgh 'burbs this spot is a definite winner.

Magoo's in Cranberry, PA and their growler filling ways.

The Bowen Crew for being so very awesome and fun to hang out with.

I had to come back for this one because i remembered last night. Jeff Bearer and family of Craft Beer Radio fame definitely rock too. They came to hang out at the Pines to talk beer and food too.

The town/city of Greenville, SC. Such a cool town. Blue Ridge Brewing Co and Jay Simpson's ESB, Barley's enormous and awesome taphouse, and the coolest restuarant / record shop The Bohemian. If you are ever in that neck of the woods you've got to check out Trip and his menu.

All of the cool and dimly lit bars of Columbia, SC. Thank you for the grappa kind sir. That record shop in 5 Points is trouble as are those rowdy Jersey transplants from the wine shop.

Grapevine is the place to be in Fort Mill. Best take out beer and small plates for miles on end.

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