Monday, August 18, 2008

Pouring in the land of dusty lamps and good eats

Got plans for this Saturday? There is a lot going on out and about and the further you sink into the suburbs the more interesting it gets. Union Jacks is having their Saisons In The Sun festival which is going to include the PA debut of Golden Cap Saison from New Holland Brewing Co. Tom, Justin and Company will be pouring from our bomber version of the Saison which was bottled with chardonnay yeast and made with 2 row as well as unmalted Spelt from Lentz Farm in Washington State.

I will be a little further down the road on Saturday. I am heading to the land that brought me such vinyl finds as Albert King's 'King of the Blues Guitar' and Miles Davis' 'Saturday Night at the Blackhawk' on the cheap*. Yes i am headed to the Antiques Capital of the USA. Adamstown, PA....home of Stoudt's Brewing Company and a lot of dusty desireables.

I'll be pouring Mad Hatter IPA, The Poet Oatmeal Stout and debuting Ichabod '08 two days before its official release. It's gonna be a great time in Adamstown and i'll be letting my freak flag fly with Born Cross Eyed providing heady tunes all the live long day. Sessions are from Noon - 4pm and from 7 - 11pm.

Info here...not sure how updated the brewery list is though...a certain Michiganic Brewing Powerhouse is notable absent. See you folks at the Micro-fest.

* Story I'll tell you over a beer sometime #4....the day i tore through Adamstown on a vinyl mission and discovered This American Life all by about 2pm. Only ask about this if you are a big nerd like me.

And just because.

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