Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quick Tasting Note - Nutfield Old Man Ale

I am waiting on some really good stuff to be returned to me (content wise), so until then all i have for you is my tasting notes for. Nutfield's Old Man Ale.

Nutfield's Old Man Ale - Portland, Maine 12 oz.

I'd love to taste a fresh one of these. My bottle may have floated a bit before it got to me as I can get just a whiff of lost love in the hops department. Still a good beer that I could certainly stand more than one of. On the upside what was left in the aroma was spicy hops (hello Tett) and a bit of yeast. They used Ringwood and this thing was butter free and ready for drinking. Due to age it was a bit off in the mouth, but i can tell a fresh one of these has to have a nice fruity finish.

On the downs, it was actually a bit chewy for a beer with just a faint amber hue to it. Maybe more chewy because the hops jumped ship a while ago. Definitely some cloying going on and a serious honey thing happening in the aftertaste. That could really be used to its advantage at the dinner table. If i am ever up in Portland not trying to shove a wine thief into Rob Tod's Lambic (i'll admit that does sound wierd), then i will give these guys a shot. I could get a true to form Road Soda.

For the brewer in you:

O.G. 1.055 - F.G. 1.015 - Alcohol 5.0%

Pale Malt
Crystal Wheat
Malted Wheat

Mt Hood


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