Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blogs Suck

Man, I really don't want to do this.

Sure I've been to some good blogs, but really what is a blog beyond a spotlight for pretension (I mean just look where this sentence is going...) and chance to realize you can't even handle keeping up with your laundry, let alone content that's interesting for whatever readership you end up having?

Well, hopefully it's a chance to show some potential employer what I know and what I'm dedicated to. If everything goes right this will be a place where you'll be able to find information, ideas, news, pictures, and opinions that will make you high five into empty air or curse me and my laptop from however many miles away you are.

Alright, down to tacks.

This is all about beer.

Sure you're going to read about cheese, maybe see some food recipes, there might be some science and math going on. But that's all part of beer.

Beer goes with food, i mean it really goes with food. I'm just starting to learn about it all, but Mr. Garrett Oliver has been a huge help via his book, The Brewmaster's Table ( If you are even remotely interested in the pairing of beer and food this book opens up a whole universe of possibilites.

Anyhow, enough 'Hi, my name is" I'm off to do some stuff before i come back and post about how amazing it is to drink a very fresh beer with someone who made it and how cool people in the craft beer industry are in general. Oh, a couple of pictures too.

So, my name is Joel. I don't capitalize the word "I" unless i am using it to start a sentence. I don't believe in it, it's greedy.

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