Monday, April 19, 2010

News'd Up and Updating

- Recent Interview with Amy Strauss (yes, THE Amy Strauss!) on my other blog as well as my duties with New Holland Brewing Company. Read it HERE.

- Looking to do a snappy little review of Louisville, KY when I get some time. New places opening, existing places that I finally got a chance to check out, maybe even some etc's.

- Big trip to North Carolina starting tomorrow that will include a Michigan Beer Dinner at one of my favorite places anywhere, The Raleigh Times Bar, World Beer Fest Raleigh, and several events that will include a moped rally, a hidden beer tasting, and a pig pickin' with great beer called Swine Spectator. Recaps will abound.

- Did my part to close out Sly Fox's original Phoenixville location yesterday. After about 15 years in one spot the guys and gal's will trot across the street and be ready for the masses when the goats run on May 2.

The car's about to be packed up with beer gear and lots of new tunes. So in celebration I leave you with this song that's been stuck in my head for days:

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