Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am spending these snowy days trying to decide whether or not to unleash my always-curious-now-confirmed-nourished-and-ready-to-blow-in-a-fireball-of-hippie-protester-do gooder-i'm mad as hell and just can't take it anymore-look-craft-beer-drinker, "Your discerning palate can't stop at the beer fridge if you're going to talk trash on trash beer, because trash bread and trash beef and trash produce is the same trash" explosion-of-what-i've-been-planning-to-post kinda way. So for now I'm just gonna put up a whole bunch of links for you folks sitting at work or at home or on a bus and want to be entertained by the kinds of things I like or find entertaining or humorous. So enjoy.

Your pal,

Dr. Joel Linksalot

Scrapple was born where I live. And Phoodie is one of my all time favorite websites.

I'm knee deep (well considering it's February I guess I'm only ankle deep) into a project for the year. So I'm plugging my other blog. It's HERE.

Crif Dogs NYC - Haven't been, but fills a recurring theme in my life.

The Institute - They've got a new menu, ya know. Heather & Charlie are the Karl Malone / John Stockton of the Philly bar game.

Two Guys That I Absolutely Love .
Seriously, if you're squemish about seeing animals in that in between stage of alive and on your plate don't click the link in the period.


One Man Dancing

My man Michael Pollan on Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me

Some of my favorite episodes of This American Life

The sketch that started it all.

Mr. Show

Ok, Let's Get Serious for a Few:

Talyor Mali

Saul Williams

"Hot As A Pistol"

Music (The MPC Edition):





The Thriller Routine

And Then Because .

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