Friday, January 1, 2010

So here's the deal....

...the deal is that I'm taking on a new adventure for a new year. In the small troposphere that is my blog it's fitting that this post comes on the heels of the Hot Dog Tour post because I had this idea on that very day. For all of 2010, exactly one year, from the last bites of my dessert after the clock ticked 2009 to the past to whatever bites i'm eating as 2011 is ready to become real i will be taking a picture of every single thing that i eat. A year in food. I am really excited for this and looking back through my mental slideshow I kind of wish I'd done it for '09.

So I won't be posting every single day or anything like that (i mean i'm struggling to keep it at a monthly basis these days), but i will definitely drop picture updates here and there when something comes along. Everything from the biggest meal to the smallest bite or handfull of something, it will all be photographed. I've got a logging format already worked out in my little food notebook and I'm ready to roll. I won't be rating the food or anything like that, but i figure there'll be a lot to be told just by looking at the log itself.

I don't really know what I plan to do with this once it's done, but i've got a year to figure out the 'why' part of this thing. Google informed me that this has already been done and put into a book. I might grab the book and hang onto it until I'm done. Like I said, no idea why i'm doing this, but i'd just as soon not have outside influence so it becomes whatever it's supposed to become. So then. Without further ado, the first thing I ate in 2010....

January 1 - 12:01 a.m.
Toasted Hazelnut Cake w/ carmelized figs & marscapone sorbet
Majolica: Phoenixville, PA

So that's the deal. If you see me eating something, please remind me to take a picture of it. I just realized this clementine went down without so much as a thought towards taking a pic.

January 1 - 10:29 a.m.
Clementine (Roxy)
At home: Phoenixville, PA

Happy New Year!


A Stout Yeoman said...

You are locking yourself into quite an undertaking there. I plan to hold you to it any chance I get. Good luck...

Dan Bengel said...

This could be interesting my friend. I assume beer shall be included in these photos.

sholland said...

January 2 and you are already a day behind! Not a good start! :-)