Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Northern Liberties Beer Buffet

I've got some stuff on my mind. I have literally had a post in my head since April and was waiting on one piece of ammo to come in the mail. It still hasn't so as soon as I get a sec to do what I need to for that post it'll happen. Until then, come drink beer with me. Tomorrow Sept 30th from 7pm to 9pm......

...and if you didn't have dinner plans, now you do.

Weds - Sept 30th
7pm - 9pm @ The Abbaye
637 North 3rd St.
No. Libs.

Pint Night w/ New Holland Brewing Company
$10 gets you a pint glass to take home and all the beer you can drink.

What? Yep. I know.

We are pouring the following beers:

Ichabod Pumpkin Ale
The Poet Oatmeal Stout
Charkoota Rye (dopplebock with cherry wood smoked malt)

It's gonna be la bomba. One of the first chances to taste Charkoota in the city. If you've never eaten at the Abbaye I'd suggest thinking about it for din din too. I'm a big fan of their foodstuffs.

Any questions let me know. Hope to see some folks out and hoist a beer in a temperate fall fashion.

Illustration used with permission of the artist, Michele Melcher. Check out her illustrations here.


Bryan Kolesar said...

c'mon, seriously? is this the killer charkoota rye that I had at last year's GABF? (I may have even proclaimed it one of my top 10 finds of GABF 2008, I'd have to check)

are you really gonna get me to reconsider my plans for tomorrow night? you sir, are a very bad man.

Dr Joel said...

It is one and the same. Charkoota Rye came to Philly in pretty small quantities. There'll be some draft here and some bottles there and it'll be gone till next year.

Hope to see you, unless you are risking your marriage by breaking previous plans or something.

Would be good to talk about this Summit of the Suds.

Thirsty Girl said...

Super jealous I couldn't go! Heard great things...