Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gossip in the Grain

Whoa whoa whoa. Guess who's still alive? This guy. A formal apology? I dunno. Sorry y'all i got all caught up in a lot of stuff. But i've been thinking about the Grain Bill for a while, realizing that i'm neglecting whatever's been going on here, whatever direction it's been taking.

Two blog posts for you chronicling all that i should have already posted about and one bringing you rapidly up to speed with where i've been, where i am right now and where i'm about to be.

So then. Philly Beer Week. Remember that? Remember when this blog was leading right up to it? Well things got super busy before, during, and after. New Holland had a nice showing during the week. All of our events were well attended and there were lots of familiar faces. Burlesque was a highlight of course, the joint was packed. Our food based efforts were all great too...smackdown @ the Side Car, Library Beer with Teresa's Next Door, and a great night of pairings and fun at Jose Pistola's. I have a special ripple on my belly that says, "Smoke Em If You Got Em Was Here".

Right after Philly it was a slow moving few days and then a jaunt out to Pittsburgh. On the way I had a terrific and relaxing lunch with my pals at Selin's Grove before letting my GPS take me to the wrong Cranberry, PA. Philly folks please take this advice: Take an afternoon and check out the Selin's Grove Brewery. They're open Sundays. The drive is great, the food is great, the beer is great. Mostly session beers, delicious session beers. I took a great scotch ale on to Pittsburgh, which i slowly worked through at my hotel over my three day stay.

Piitsburgh's burbs showed me the greatness that is Bocktown Beer & Grille. Amazing beer coolers, great food menu, fun attitude that's all about the beer. This place is awesome. I'll let some cool event news fly in due time, just need to tidy up some details. For now i'll just say that June 23rd and 24th would be great days to hang out there with yours truly.

Ok ok ok. On to current times. See you in the next post.

Also....a Grain Bill IOU:

I have great pictures taken at the New Holland Library Dinner during Philly Beer Week. I will post them soon.

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